Monday, November 16, 2009

Nazario Event:

Sonia Nazario discussed a synopsis of her work and allowed people to ask questions. She showed pictures while she talked and she explained their purpose. For example, there was a picture of her on the train top. She explained that she had to duck below limbs and was even hit in the face. She was almost killed. Also, she was chased by a gang member until she yelled for the conductor to save her. She explained her journey and her personal favorite parts of the adventure. The people in Veracruz were her absolute favorite because they were all dirt poor and still ran to throw food to the immigrants on the train tops multiple times a day. Some of these people had one arm or no legs. She also discussed what happens to children who make it to America and are captured. There is a program called ICE which works with police departments around the states to find and deport illegal immigrants. They are first sent to detention centers then sent back across the border. There are even problems in this though. Immigrants are scared to voice their opinion with ICE on the prowl. So, when crimes occur and officials ask for witnesses to find the perpetrator not many illegals would come out and defend the victim knowing they would be deported instantly. She seemed like she really cared about everything involved in the immigration issue. She even spoke of President Obama and the start of the immigration debate next year.

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