Sunday, November 15, 2009

Italian Opera (Greensboro Colliseum)

The Italian Opera occurred Friday night. It was absolutely incredible. I have never been to an Opera before, so it was definitely a cultures shock. The names of the two people the play was centered around are Violetta and Alfredo. The main character could not decide to let herself fall in love or live her life just having fun. She sacrifices her love for him so he can be with his sister who is dying. Through the play she acts like she falls in love with the Baron to allow Alfredo to move on. However, he doesn't move on. He gets mad and denounces her in a fit of rage. It hurts them both so much they can't stand it. He doesn't know that sacrifice she made for him and his family. During the end scene she is dying of TB. The father realizes what he did to the couple by telling her to leave his son. He explains to the son what Violetta had done for him. The son rushes back to Violetta and apologizes. She confesses she always loved him, hands him a picture, and falls back into his arms; dead. It was quite a tear jerker. It was very confusing seeing how it was all in Italian, but I am taking Italian now so it helped knowing some basic words and phrases. They did however have a back screen with the translation on it. I don't think I would enjoy watching Operas all the time, but this experience was definitely a Friday night I don't regret.

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