Thursday, October 8, 2009

Raft Debate:

The debate was extremely amusing. Being a student in your course and Professor Paluzzi's course made me a little biased on who I wanted to win. However, Paluzzi's comments definately placed her at the top of my list without the bias. She was hilarious. Her comments about all the different cultures that allowed the anthropologist to survive always had a comedic twist to them. I think she was honest in her statements. In that situation, being an anthropologist would have been very useful in figuring out how to survive. Even if surviving means cannabalism. The professor from the History department was just not impressive at all. His comment were bland and his mannerisms were boring. He didn't even have an entertaining story like the other two. I actually think that I may which my major to Anthropology. Who wouldn't want to know how to surivive using the techniques of cultures from all over the world? I am in Professor Paluzzi's class and absolutely love it! Though, I also have to give two hands up for the devil's advocate. He definately made the whole debate way more histarical. No professor I know could have done a better job. Even though he had a whole crew of students holding signs and cheering for him. Overall, I was very impressed with the program and look foward to attending next years raft debate with hopes that it will be just as grand and entertaining as this years. I don't know if that is possible though without amazing Professors like Professor Paluzzi and of course the devil's advocate.

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