Thursday, December 3, 2009

World Aids Day- Testing and Educational Information(Dec.1)

Aids is a serious problem in our society. Over a million people of our population are infected with it. Over seventy five percent are teens. The EUC was showing free educational videos, pamphlets, and giving away free protection for sexually active students. There was also free HIV and Chlamydia testing for all UNC-G students. One of the big problems with the spread of Aids is having multiple partners. Sleeping around is obviously not a safe practice for anybody much less college kids. One of the movies was a story of a man who really did not want to use a condom, but his girlfriend wouldn’t allow it so he cheated on her. The result was Chlamydia. However a twist came around. She decided that she didn’t want to use a condom anymore because of how much she cared for him. She didn’t know he had cheated. At that point I was called back to discuss the results of my testing and of course everything was fine. HIV was negative which I was positive of before I went in. The doctor told me about all the different ways HIV can be spread. Sex is definitely just one of many. The use of needles between more than one person can spread the disease as well as a mother being a carrier and having a baby. The baby would automatically be born with it. It is safe to say that everybody should keep theirselves checked up and use caution in relationships. The main point she explain was to not trust people. People can say they have been tested, but your immediate response should be let me see the paperwork.

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